Kristen Wells

Kristen Wells spent twenty-five years working as a singer/songwriter before turning her talents to writing picture books. She began by crafting more than two dozen rhyming treasure hunts for kids of all ages, beginning with her own son and daughter. Tailoring each personalized treasure hunt for the birthday girl or boy, her hand picked themes have ranged from comic book heroes to kittens.

Each of Kristen's imaginative picture books share a common purpose. Using humor and carefully crafted storytelling, they encourage children to celebrate their distinct gifts and talents. “Hippo Hippo Hurray!,” the rowdy tale of a schoolyard kickball game, keeps kids enthralled while exploring the difficulties and joys of being different. “I Wish I Was” reminds children that they each have something uniquely special about them that others can see, even if they sometimes forget.

Kristen's gifts lie in providing playful, lighthearted ways to talk about challenging childhood situations. Utilizing her talent for rhyme, her books leave kids laughing and coming back for more.

Kristen splits her time between Northern California and Montana where she lives with her family and a flock of spoiled, noisy chickens.

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